Tropical Golf 12/6

12th June 2018 :  Crystal Bay  A & C Nines ( Stableford) It has been a bit wet of late so most of the Courses are suffering though it is true that some of them cope with the weather much better than others. It also seems that some of the Courses do not get as much of the rain as others, or appear not to. Why, I have no idea but there is probably a perfectly good reason.


Crystal Bay has always seemed to be one of the lucky ones so we geared up to play there hopefully under normal conditions, and touched wood. Off we went from BJ’s and some went via Sukhumwit and some via Route 7. Seems they all got there at about the same time, although coming back it depends if the schools are coming out around Sriracha.


The book in was quick and efficient and the changing room being empty we were soon through and onto the first tee, after being told we were to play the C Nine first. This nine always seems the most rural nine as you find that the C Nine on most Courses is the one that is tacked on as an afterthought after the best 18 holes are dealt with. However it is still s a test.


The C Nine is usually the slowest to put on on this Course and so it proved on this day. The grass on the  fairways was also quite long making the Course quite long. With a rough that was also long and wet the C Nine proved a tough test especially with a strong wind that proved difficult.


Onto the B Nine with the wind seeming to get stronger and as usual it was never behind but always straight into it or across as it usually seems. The greens also were slow so that was one pre conception shot down, but sometimes you can put well on slower greens.


With the Course empty and us deciding to play three balls we really moved fast around the Course and were soon finished and in the showers which were nice and hot.  Then a quick bite to eat and back to BJ’s really early.


Results were soon underway. The winner was Dick Warberg with 38 points ahead of a countback on 36 points that saw Don Carmody in second and Eddie Kost in third. A countback on 34 points saw Barry Elphick in fourth and Mashi missing out. Being still quite early it seemed fine for the players to depart for a quiet night at home. So goes the fairy tale.  T.T.F.N.






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