Tropical Golf 12/1

PSC Golf from Tropical Golf Group

Friday January 12, 2018, Pleasant Valley – St

Walter, Joachim, and Karen Stand Tall at Pleasant Valley!

Greetings golf fans. We are approaching the half way point in January, but there is no Golfer of the Month progress to report as we are moving to a new “Eclectic” competition. Stay tuned for more on that later. It sure is the busy season, and this week thirty golfers signed up to test their mettle at Pleasant Valley. Our compliments to the staff at BJ’s Lodge for handling the rush of hungry golfers quite well. Everyone got their fill and headed out. With new toll roads, construction, and heavy traffic, the ride out was not as easy as before, but better than on Wednesday traveling to the PSC Charity Classic, and everyone made it.

Pleasant Valley is a tough course. From the tee many holes look quite intimidating. Several fairways are narrow, and there is enough water that everyone better make sure to have a generous supply of golf balls. Internal OB stakes can be a nuisance and score killer.  However, course condition was good-excellent and several Tropical Golfers were up to the challenge with good rounds.

A-Flight (0-18):  The colorful Walter Baechli (c/h 18) took his flight in style with 42 points! We haven’t seen him in the winner’s circle in a while, so way to go Walter!  Brian Parish (11) continued his quest to single figures with 39 points. Next Takeshi Hakozaki (14) beat Andy Murphy (16) on count-back at the 36 points mark.

B-Flight (19+):  Joachim Sparwirth (27) conquered his flight with the best score of the day with an enviable 44 points. Awesome! Fred Tam took count-back honors over Don Carmody (30) at the 41 point spot, and Brian Gabe (20) finished his flight with 34 points.

Ladies Flight: We had enough ladies this day to give them their own competition, and the winning spot went to Karen Brown (37) with 41 points, and Carole Kubicki (26) took the next spot with 33 points. Congrats to all.

Best Nine (non winner): Paul Weatherley and Torben Sorensen celebrated the best non-winning 9 hole scores. Never give up!


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