Tropical Golf 12/9

Tom Don Rob and Carlole

PSC Golf from Tropical Golf Group


Tuesday, Feb 12, 2019  Bangpakong

Rob, Tom, Carole, and Don Win on Tiger Tee Tuesday!


This Tuesday the Tropical Golfers really broke convention and tried something different.


As a fun experiment this Tuesday golfers could elect to play off the back black (Tiger) tees, or take things as usual.  Bangpakong is an excellent choice for this variation as it’s a bit more forgiving.


The Tiger Tee Champion was also presented with a 750 ml bottle of Vintage 2019 premium (Pattaya Moet) Spy Pink Sparkling Wine.


Playing at a mere 7140 yards it’s not just a test of distance but also managing your handicap. Interesting some golfers with handicaps of 28 decided to get in the spirit, man up and have a go. Mostly it was “Let’s give it a try” for the fun of it. Nice to mix things up same old same old gets a bit boring. Were all retired or here on holidays so let’s have some fun. Nineteen golfers came out, and 10 took up the Tiger Tee Challenge.


Prizes and placings were also different with litre bottles of Jack Daniels, Chivas Regal and Johnnie Walker Black up for grabs. With a maximum of 5 players in each flight there were 12 prizes spread over 19 players.


Bangpakong was in its usual excellent condition, and for all the fairway woods hit this day it was a big help.  Winning scores were divided into two flights, two for the Tiger Teams and two for those taking the familiar route. Each flight had two winners plus a single “Best 9” score winner. Lots to report so let’s get to it.


A-Flight Tiger Tees (0-13):  Rob Brown (5) was the Tiger Tee Champion today, hardly noticing the extra yards as he earned his 33 points! Richard Kubicki (10) held on to take second with his 30 points. The best nine in that flight went to Landis Brooks with 14 points.


B-Flight Tiger Tees (14-29):  Tom Herrington (14) took his flight honors with a long hitting 32 points and was 2nd overall in the Tiger Tee Challenge, followed by Andre Van Dyk (17) with 29. Yes, it was long! Fred Tam had the best non-winning nine hole score with 15 points.


C-Flight (21-24):  Carole Kubicki (23) bounced back after losing a record 4 countbacks over the last 2 games, easily taking her flight with an excellent 35 points.  Mick Coghlan (29) won 2nd with his distant 29 points, but it was enough. The best nine score for this flight went to Joe Sparwirth with 17.


D-Flight (25+):  Con Carmody (26) conquered his flight a fine 33 points, just ahead of Graham Buckingham (25) with 32.  Best nine here went to Barry Elphick with 14.


Prizes for flight winners was also something new, with each given a game show choice of “take the envelope or the bag”? Some agonized quite a while over the decision, and great fun was had by all. Our next Challenge will be Front Tee Friday playing off the whites at Pleasant Valley in March.


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