Tropical Golf 1/12

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Friday, December 01, Mountain Shadow – Stableford

Tom and “Gordon Again” Win At Mt. Shadow!

Wow, December already and another year is on the final hole. A great one it’s been, but there is still some business to tend to. A new Golfer of the Month is starting, and most important is there is a tight race for Golfer of the Year! Each round, nay, each stroke counts big for the lucky few that are in contention. This Friday seventeen Tropical Golfers headed out to tough Mountain Shadow to test their skills. Our tee time was an hour earlier than normal, and despite a few people looking a little tired, most liked starting, and finishing, the day early.

Mt. Shadow is a tough course from the blue tees, but we must regretfully agree it is a fair test of golf. Accuracy is the key here, and long hitters left drivers in the bag on many holes. Strategic layups are more common here, and the wise know how to use their handicap strokes. Oh, and the course condition was very good or better, so no scores could be blamed on that. Scores were a bit on the low side as expected, but there were a large number of scores in the “very low” range. Fortunately those go unpublished here.

A-Flight (0-18):  After a long absence Tom Herrington (c/h 18) found some rhythm and the winner’s circle with 36 points, the best of the day. Just one short putt back the returning Dick Warberg (18) took a bow with 35 points, followed by long hitting Steve Truelove (11) with 34.

B-Flight (19+):  Byron Nelson has golf’s and maybe all sports most impressive record with eleven consecutive wins. Gordon Clegg (31) is trying to match that, having now earned honors in nine consecutive rounds, all but one or two as wins! Despite a free-falling handicap “Gordon Again” still has his mojo and won his flight with 34 points. How does he do it? Next up but four shots back Barry Elphick (25) gathered 30 points, and the returning Karen Brown (35) took a curtsy with 28 points.  Stay tuned.

Best Nines: Best nines (non winner) went to Brian Parish and Graham Buckingham. Never give up.


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