Tropical Golf 11/10

We tend to go here every month in the  Low Season as we usually can get on at a reasonable time. On this day with an 1100 am Tee off  we were only a little later than we like to tee off, so it was away we go.

Mind with all the earth moving that is going on there at the present time, we had to tee off over the water and lo and behold we all got over. Quite what is going on there I have no idea but it is extensive and I am sure someone has come up with  a bright idea that will improve the day. However I have gone through many changes that have occurred there and I think most are open to discussion on whether they improve the day. But who are we!!!.

The day was very overcast, and remained the same for all of the day. We did not get much Sun  and for some it made a nice change, but did not help the suntan. It was immediately noticeable that the greens were  recovering from being sanded and the ball went where it wanted, also that the fairways, although not soaking wet, were soggy and many player commented on mud being picked up on the ball.

Some of the fairways had large areas where they were still recovering from the rain and in particular the approach to the 18th green was very soggy and muddy. I suppose the area has appreciated the rain, but this Course has suffered.  Mind a few more days with a bit of Sun, and all will be well, we hope.

We were back late at BJ’s so we got into the results as quickly as possible. The winner on the day was Tommy Marshall with a fine 41 points just ahead of Derek Brook in second with also a very good 40 points. In third was Andre Van Dyk with 38 points and we then had a countback on 36 points that saw Dick Warberg in fourth and John Pierrel in fifth. Soon after we had a few cold ones. T.T.F.N.

Near Pin     Don Carmody   John Pierrel   Brian Parish (2)

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