Tropical Golf 11/07

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Tuesday July 11, Silky Oak – St

Brian Parish Dominates at Silky Oak!

Greetings golf fans. It was a 7-11 day, and time for the Tropical Golfers to treat themselves to a cart required day at Silky Oak. Twelve intrepid golfers met at BJ’s Lodge for breakfast and discuss the monstrous thunderstorm the night before. Several golfers seemed a bit bleary eyed after having their beauty sleep interrupted. How would it affect the course, and most important would it repeat during the round? Course condition was also a concern. Nothing to do but trust to luck and head out. Its nice to have a shorter drive once in a while.

First course condition: Good to excellent. Other groups who visited SO the week before had negative feedback abut the recently maintained greens. Golf courses have it tough sometimes. To keep the place “up to par” the grass needs regular grooming, but that also makes conditions less than ideal for a while. Happy to report the greens are back to normal, and quite good. Fairways were overall good, though a few holes could use some weed killer. Also, the golfers stayed dry while nearby Pattaya City got a deluge. Usually its the opposite! Silky Oak is a scoring course and this day proved that, with the lowest score of the group was 32 points. These guys are good. However it’s not the lowest score that is newsworthy this day but the highest – and how!

Brian Parish. Again! Brian has been so dominant at Tropical Golf the last few months some might be forgiven for taking their sticks to another venue, or even throwing them away. So what does someone who has been winning so much do for an encore? How about winning in an even more convincing fashion! The only thing coming own faster than Brian’s handicap is the strokes he takes. At Silky Oak Brian (c/h 12) crushed, destroyed, and demoralized all competition with a fantastic 44 points! Brian has been playing so well people are starting to ask what kind of clubs he plays and his favorite brand of coffee. A full five shots back Tom Herrington (16) reappeared on the list with 39 points winning on countback over Mashi Kaneta (16). Next came Gordon Clegg (34) on countback over Graham Buckingham (35) at the 35 point mark.

All for now. Have you ever noticed what golf spells backwards?





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