Tropical Golf 11/4

Thursday, April 11, Greenwood CC – St

Steve and Dave Smiling at Greenwood


In our last outing before the Songkran break, the Tropical Golfers paid a visit to Greenwood CC. This is a popular stop on the tour, and twenty intrepid souls showed up for the challenge.  Despite the heat most were planing to walk based on a confusing memo issued by Greenwood that most interpreted to mean only Caddies can drive carts –  yet the golfer is still responsible for any damage.  When we got to the course we were greeted with a better worded notice that only the driver is responsible, and carts were on special for 200 bt. At that price and the heat, even hard core walkers were riding along.


Assigned the B+C nines we were off right on time.  The course was in its usually very good condition, with the better nod to the “B” side as “C” is weedy in spots. Greens were good.  Experimenting with a two tee format, the A-Flight went off the yellow tees, while the B-Flight went off the whites, and the results were quite noticeable. Dave Cooper again won his flight with the high score of the day, and big hitting Steve Trulove took A-Flight honors. Poor Paul Weatherley went from outright winner to third on countback by hitting the wrong ball on the 17th fairway. Don’t take the Caddies word for it!


A-Flight (0-17): Steve Trulove (33), Andre Van Dyk (33), PAul Weatherley (33), Gerd Reidler (32).


B-Flight (18+): Dave Cooper (44), Don Carmody (43), Barry Elphick (41), Roy Dayton (37)



Best Nine’s: 

Tom Herrington, Frank Xin

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