Tropical Golf 11/12

Lek from BJ Holiday Lodge and Mick the mug winner

PSC Golf from Tropical Golf Group

Tuesday Dec 11, Royal Lakeside – Medal

Mighty Mick Adds To Mug Collection!

It is almost the end of another year, and many golf fans think golf’s Majors are done for the year – but how wrong they are! There are still a couple very important rounds to be played; the Tropical Golf Monthly Mug is this week, and the Golfer Of The Year playoff next week. Twenty two golfers signed up for the trip to Royal Lakeside hoping to earn a spot in the final playoff. After the usual meet-up and fill-up at BJ’s Lodge, off we went for the drive to Royal Lakeside.

Royal Lakeside is a longer drive than most courses on the rotation, but is the extra time worth it? In short, yes. Fairways are immaculate carpets, perhaps surpassing Bangpakong. The greens had been recently sanded but it was not so heavy as to influence putts too much. To top it off the Caddies looked nice in their new purple uniforms. Stroke play always bring course management into priority, and RL is a good choice as there is enough lateral water to weed out sloppy players, but no island greens to make any one hole unfair. As for the results, it was a day of constant countback calculations for the poor Organizers. Finally all was settled, so on to the results!

A-Flight (0-17):  Andre Van Dyk (c/h 17) won the low flight honors with a fine net 71, two ahead of regular Mashi Kaneta (c/h 15) with net 73. Rob Brown (8) edged Alan Sullivan (16) on countback with net 74. Good scores.

B-Flight (19-26):  More countbacks here as Daryl Evans (26) edged out Tom Herrington (19) at the net 70 level, and then Dave Cooper (26) finished with a net 71 just ahead of colorful Water Baechli (24) with net 72.

C-Flight (27+):  In the high flight still more countbacks, and finally Barry Elphick (30) got the nod over Don Carmody (30) with identical scores and handicaps with net 71. Frank Xin (27) ended his mug streak but still did fine with his net 75 on (you guessed it) countback over Karen Brown (35).

MUG WINNER: So far all the scores were were tightly grouped, giving the Organizers fits.  All except one. Winning a record fifth mug (no one else even has four) was Mr. Mick Coghlan (25) with a shattering net 66!  Well played Mick! With his collection growing rumor has it Mick will be opening his own bar soon. Also, it is decreed that from now until the end of time if Mick ever again complains about “Never winning” he shall buy a round of drinks for all golfers that day.

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