Tropical Golf 11/1

Friday, Jan 11, 2019  Crystal Bay

Brian, Tom, Graham, and Don Sparkle at Crystal Bay

Well all you golfers, how are those golf New Year resolutions holding up? First to go is usually the “No more cussing” during a round. After that most topple quickly. The only one we heard that is still going is the “No hole-in-one” pledge. This Friday a healthy twenty eight golfers took advantage of nice weather and friendly green fees to head to Crystal Bay.

Crystal Bay is a “go figure” kind of course. Some days you can shoot 37 points and not even get a nod. Other days those with 20-something are shocked to be called. Today was one of the latter. Given the number of golfers it is surprising only one (Brian Parish) broke handicap and he by just a point. Another “go figure” was the course condition.

It was certainly in poorer condition than last month but with high season rates in play for our more fancied courses we keep it on the menu till low season and then re assess. Some areas were rather soggy, while other dry and brown sections haven’t seen water in a while, and yes, many sections were just right! At 1050 Baht to walk there were few complaints though, with low exchange rates seems we are all becoming Budgeteers.

The golfers were put into a generous four flights, with three winners each. So let’s see how it all finished: 28 golfers with 14 prizes.

A-Flight (0-14): Brian Parish (37), John Davis (34), Alan Sullivan (33)

B-Flight (15-21): Tom Herrington (36), Brian Gabe (36), Colm O’Donovan (35)


C-Flight (22-24): Graham Buckingham (35), Joe Sparwirth (34), Phil Scotton (30)


D-Flight (25+): Don Carmody (32), Karen Brown (32), David Bailey (28)


Best Nine (non-winner): In the “I need to be consistent” section, Deryl Neufeld and Mick Coghlan did well enough to get mentioned.


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