Tropical Golf 10/7

Tuesday The 10th July 2018: Greenwood ( Stableford) All went fine on this day until I put my feet outside my door and found it was raining.  Never had I given it a thought and so walking around to BJ’s I wondered how the day would go. I arrived there a bit wet.


The drive up there only drew a few drops of rain to the car so we arrived there in hope and the fact that carts were allowed on the Course was another plus, so off we went on A1, with the C Nine to come next. It became soon obvious that the grass everywhere was long and that the fairways could do with a shorter cut as differentiating between the fairways and rough was difficult in places. It was also noted that the ball was picking up mud on the fairways leading to a ‘Lift, clean and place’.


So, it also became obvious that the Course was going to play long and so it proved. But the good thing is that the rain held off. A & C is a difficult 18 holes at the best of times but with the fairways wet and the grass long, it also was soon noted that the greens were soft and a bit slow. This would be a day to buckle down and and to stick at the game and not let it ground you down.


So all in all it was a day of good weather as the Sun was not too bright and the temperatures were good. All in all a fine day to struggle on a Course that fully tested your resolve. And then a fine cool shower and a bite to eat before the trip back.


We were back early and one of the points of interest was that we did not have anyone break their handicap and there were six players with 33 points that entailed some difficult countbacks.


The winner on the day was Barry Elphick with 35 points and then we had a countback with 6 players on 33 points. Fun indeed!!. The countback went on. In second place was Tom Herrington, with 20 on the back nine. In third was John Pierrel with 19 points on the back nine. We then had two players on 18 points on the back nine, so to a countback on the last 6. In fourth place was Daryl Evans with 12 points on the last 6 and in fifth was Derek Brook with 11 points on the last 6. The two players with 33 points with a ‘Less Good’ back nine were Alan Sullivan and Andre Van Dyk.


The best front nine of those remaining was by Steve Truelove with 18 points on countback over Andre Van Dyk and the best back nine was 19 points by Don Carmody. Then an early night.  T.T.F.N.

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