Tropical Golf 10/4

Tuesday the 10th April 2018 : Bangpra ( Stableford)  I like this time of the year as the ‘High Season’ sort of winds down and the ‘Low Season’ wends its way in. Multiple reasons why the ‘Low Season’ is by far my preference, mainly of course is the fact that the Golf Courses are much quieter and also much more financially viable to play. Or cheaper.


Whilst we all love to see those who visit once a year the smaller numbers playing this time of the year tends to make the day much sweeter and go somehow much easier, while to organize much simpler. Whilst not all agree with this position, after many years I look forward to April and know not only will the  golfing day be shorter and cheaper, but I will not arrive in the morning to multiple calls of people with upset tummies, or stuck in bed with hangovers. As if golfers would!!!.


So here we are all ready to nip up the road to Bangpra, tee off at 1000 hrs., with 4 Groups, and with a really good Greenfee, when in the ‘High Season’ we teed off at 1140 with 9 Groups and drove back up Sukhumwit in the dark as Route 7 was blocked with traffic. Plus then a much bigger Greenfee.  Happy Days.


Quick book in and off to the start where we were able to get off nice and early as the group in front were on the green of the first hole. So off we go and what a lovely day. The fairway was well grassed and a nice breeze blew that just cooled you down nicely. The green at the first was at a nice speed and those who have played this Course know it can be so fast to be close to unplayable. In fact as we played the Course the greens were slow for them, but really good for the average player. We also  found that all the fairways were well grassed and slower than normal and were a bit soft underfoot. This is a mature Course so the wildlife is abundant and you are likely to see many surprising animals.


With great weather and a Course that was really good to play we were soon around, but not without several visits from out monkey friends. You had to be awake to keep them away from the carts and they did get into the carts a couple of times. Still, A great day was had by all.


The roads were quiet on the  way back and we were soon back at BJ’s.


Early into the results we only had a single flight. The Winner with 36 points was Dave Cooper ahead of Rita Zoebeli with 34 points in second and Andre Van Dyk in third with 33 points. We then had a countback on 32 points that saw John Davis in fourth and Dick Warberg in fifth.


The Non Winners, best  front nine was Nigel Perry  and back nine was Bob Britton.


So what next?, well it seems to be a two weeks off from Golf as nearly all the Players depart Town to get away from getting drowned for the next several days. The ‘Fun Shift’ will move in. This getting drowned for a couple of days can be quite fun, once or twice, but for the length of time we have to be wary of late, most depart. I shall be dodging out now and again to eat, so to all have a good couple of weeks and do not wake me up for a fortnight or so.  T.T.F.N.




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