Tropical Golf 10/11

John and Kenny Win Colorful Anniversary Bash!

Every day is a good day for the Tropical Golfers, but this one was extra special. Today we celebrated the third anniversary that the Tropical Golfers had the wisdom and good luck to team up with BJ’s Holiday Lodge! To make the occasion special we had a rainbow stableford competition, complete with buffet and dessert afterwards. What could be better? How about good weather and a course in fine condition.  Twenty four golfers joined the fun.

First there was the golf to tend to. The site for the rainbow competition was Pleasant Valley. The Tropical Golfers haven’t been there in a while, and while some folks don’t like it, after the break most found it an interesting layout. Overall the course was in good condition. PV is difficult, especially the back nine with narrow fairways and enough hazards to make one wonder if they should be wearing hard hats. The greens are tough… and luck, um I mean skill, is needed to get on the right level as the pin or you actually hope to 3-putt. The “choose your own” rainbow added an extra dimension, and proper management of the required tees could actually make the course easier.

A-Flight (0-20):  John Davis (c/h 14) showed he didn’t have the party on his mind as he continued is winning ways with an excellent 39 points. Way to stay focused John! Next Maurice “soon to be single digits” Roberts (11) bested his declining handicap with a fine 37 points, followed by new guest John Conway (20) with 34.

B-Flight (21+):  Kenny Chung (24) had the best score of the day with a stellar 42 points on a tough course. Good going Kenny! Next Graham “Buckers” Buckingham (24) and Tom Cotton (25) both made handicap at 36 points. Fine putting guys!

Technicals: Lots of extra prizes today! Near pins were won by Dick Warberg (2) Mark Fraught (2), Graham Buckingham (2), Daryl Evans, and Don Carmody. Long putt went to John Pierrel.

Party Time!  Three years since the Tropical Golf Group in their infinite wisdom moved to BJ’s Holiday Lodge. A marriage made in Heaven. And despite being mostly a group of scatterbrained males, we remembered the anniversary! After the golf there was a full spread (the sliders were excellent) and cake compliments of BJ’s.  We hope this is still only the beginning!



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