Tropical Golf 10/8


John Sykes a Winner!

It has been a slow week at Tropical Golf with several regulars over across the Gulf taking on Hua Hin’s finest courses. However, this is not bad as even the organizers need a break now and then dealing with getting the playing groups and transport assignments sorted out. There was little problem this day with nine signed up and three cars available, so with three three-balls all set up, off we went.  With the highway reconstruction almost complete on the old ‘Bumpy Route” from Laem Chebang Port to331 the drive up is not too bad and those traffic lights in Amata City avoided.

On arrival we found few vehicles in the parking lot and a couple of groups teeing off. After a quick check-in our groups were soon on the first tee and off. By the way, the value at Pattavia is excellent, 950B to walk and they throw in a 150B voucher to use in the restaurant after the round!

When we last played Pattavia in July, it was in very good to excellent condition. There had been a reasonable amount of rain and some of the water hazards actually had standing water for the first time in what seems like a long time. On this day, the course seemed a bit on the dry side, the water in those hazards all but dried up, and hitting off areas a bit off the fairways was bound to be from a tight, hard lie. Kept in the fairway there was plenty of grass and the lies were very good. The greens were the normal slick; don’t leave yourself downhill putts that Pattavia is known for. All in all, the course was well presented and playable. So with all this to contend with, who would win the day, Pattavia or the Tropical Golfers?

With all enjoying a bit of food and drink in the restaurant thanks to the voucher deal, the cards were sorted and we were soon on the road back to The BJ Holiday Lodge for the presentation. With four podium positions and no technical’s it was short and sweet. Congratulations to John Sykes for his first win ever with Tropical Golf. John has been seriously working on his game during this visit and it is paying off. And we have to say the Golfer’s won with some very good scores, a great deal at the course, and a fine day out with friends.


1st: John Sykes (CH 35)     –  40 pts;

2nd: Daryl Evans (27)         –  37 pts, c/back over;

3rd: Andre Van Dyk (17)     –  37 pts;

4th: Geoff Bracegirdle (18) –  32 pts.

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