Tropical Golf 10/06

Friday, June 10, 2016, Treasure Hill CC – St

Andre and Ken King Of The Hill

It is hopefully the end of dry season and courses are starting to green up.  It will take a while for courses to recover completely and rain is still needed, so don’t complain if your round is delayed during golf.  This Friday the Tropical Golfers had Treasure Hill on the agenda, and 25 golfers signed up to give this scenic yet difficult course a try.  Most met early at BJ’s Holiday Lodge to fill up, then off we went.

Slow season + dry conditions = price war among the golf courses, and Treasure Hill is leading the charge.  With 1000 bt all-in including a cart even dedicated walkers found themselves riding in style.  If the price wasn’t enough reason to smile, the course condition is excellent.  Treasure Hill is really a treasure now.  TH is really a scenic course but the view is often overlooked as some holes are quite difficult.  Who would get to the top today?

A-Flight (0-16):  With the best score of the day, Andre Van Dyk (15) shot a magnificent 39 points!  Way to go Andre.  Right behind him came Paul Smith (1) with 38 points.  Notice that even though Paul came in second it was off his nano handicap of ONE, so that means Paul did Treasure Hill under par!  We bow down to thee!  Landis Brooks (8) finished A-Flight honors with a fine 35 points.

B-Flight (17+):  Ken Hole (19) took top B-Flight honors with 38 points, followed by Don Carmody (29) with 37 points, and Tom Herrington (17) with respectable 35.  Take a bow guys.

Near Pins:  Gerd Riedler, Tommy Marshall, Andre Van Dyk, Brian Gabe

Long putts: Steve Truelove, Mashi Kaneta


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