Tropical Golf 10/02

Landis and Dennis win All 40’s Score-fest

Once again the Tropical Golfers made the slightly longer trip up North, this time to visit Bangpakong.  With good company and a full belly thanks to BJ’s staff the drive didn’t seem so long.  Twenty six golfers headed out to this usually pristine course expecting good scores.

As usual Bangpakong was in good condition.  The course is fairly wide open and any ball in the fairway is assured a good lie.  There are fewer trees than most any course in the area, but also enough water to catch people not hitting at least fairly straight.  It is a popular course with the players because its  “feel good” course where people usually shoot good scores.  On this day that was true – and how!  The tropical golfers must have set some sort of record for total points on a golf day.  If you didn’t get 40+ points in either flight, your job was to sit and applaud.

A-Flight (0-18):  On a day of dozens of great scores, Landis Brooks (c/h 10) took advantage of his skill and the easy layout to earn 42 points off his enviable handicap.  Just a point back Bob Britton (18) came in with 41 points, followed by John Davis (14) with 40 on countback over other 40 pointers.  Wow.

B-Flight (19+):   Dennis Eagar (19) ties the best score of the day wit 42 points.  Good shooting!  Then Torsten Bischoff (30) and Daryl Evans (24) ties at 40 points for the next two places.  So all six winners had at least forty  points.  Some course.  Some golfers!

Near Pins:  Landis Brooks (2), Brian Gabe (2), John Davis, Dave Cooper

Long putts:  Landis Brooks, Eddie Kost

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