Tropical Golf 09/12

Tom and Mick Golden at Treasure Hill!

Lots going on at the Tropical Golfers.  The year is winding down to another end of the year party, a new Golfer of the Month, and Golfer of the Year.  Also the weather has been great.  What’s not to be happy about?  Busy season is upon us and 21 golfers headed out to Treasure Hill to challenge this difficult but interesting course.

Treasure Hill has a very good rate now for both walkers and riders.  The course is in fine condition.  What’s not to like?  Well, its a bit hard!  There are courses that are difficult because, well, they are hard, and courses that are difficult because they are tricky and interesting.  Treasure Hill is in the second category.  It is a never relax course as almost every hole has a major hazard.  Risk/Reward is the name of the game here as most holes leave options.  Playing the slightly forward yellow tees we were off on time.  How would the players navigate today?

A-Flight (0-18):  Last month’s Golfer/Month Tom Herrington (c/h) kept his cool and gathered up 39 points and winning on countback over Peter Bailey (18).  Good golfing guys!  Returning Takeshi Hakozaki (16) took third with 37 points.

B-Flight (19+): Mick Coghlan (25) once again has his photo in the paper with an impressive 37 points.  Mick has been a regular winner lately, and easily topped his flight as the next place went to Dave Cooper (26) with 33 points, and then Nigel Perry (25) with 31.

Near pins:  Peter Bailey, John Davis, Mick Coghlan, Brian Parish

Long putt:  John Edwards

Best front nine (non winner):  Landis Brooks

Best back nine (non winner):  Graham Buckingham

Sunday golf!  The Tropical Golfers now offer Sunday golf.  Competition is optional, and the emphasis will be on more affordable courses.  Sign up at BJ’s Holiday Lodge.

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