Tropical Golf 09/09

Barry Crowned At St Andrews

The Tropical Golfers treated themselves to a rare outing to St Andrews. Its more expensive than preferred, but we took advantage of Sports Day pricing to soften the blow, and the usual walkers don’t mind being “forced” take a ride once in a while.  Also sometimes you just have to test your golf skills against a tough foe and keep yourself humble.  With Hua Hin trips going on we still had 15 Tropicals show up for the challenge.

St Andrews was in its usual good condition, but not excellent as one would expect.  Still the fairways and greens are utterly playable and better than most in the area.  About four greens were in various stages of recovery from recent coring, but at this course if that is your major obstacle to a good score you are having an excellent round and wouldn’t care.  There were plenty of low scores for the day, but surprisingly if you didn’t make handicap your job after the round was to listen and clap.

Barry Elphick (c/h 30) used his extra strokes to great advantage and gathered an impressive 40 points.  Great score on a tough layout!  Tom Herrington (20) finished a few strokes back with a fine 37 points, and Graham Buckingham (36) followed up with 36.  Good golf guys!

Near pins:  Bob Watson (2), Mike O’Brien, Barry Elphick

Long putt:  Ted Morris

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