Tropical Golf 08/07

Friday, July 08, 2016, Silky Oak – St

Tom H. Smooth At Silky Oak!

‘Tis another Friday for the Tropical Golfers and on this particular one they decided to treat themselves to a visit to Silky Oak.  The Tropical Golfers play this course just a few times per year and it’s always a special day.  It’s slow season and there is also a lot of local travel going on, but still, 15 golfers made their way to BJ’s Lodge for food and cups of ambition.  The later than usual tee time allowed for refills for those who wanted, and then the cars were loaded and off we went.

Silky Oak is an interesting layout that is designed to mess with your mind.  There are several water carries off the tee, and even though the carries are not nearly as long as they look and easily cleared by even short hitters, it still makes for some knee knocking.  If one concentrates on the positives they will find the wide fairways inviting.  Speaking of fairways, the condition this day was very good to excellent.  Sadly the greens were another matter, being both recently sanded and quite bumpy at times – Green rating, fair.  Silky Oak off the White tees is a course where good scores are common, and this day proved that – and how.  You needed to be well above handicap to get mentioned.

Even with a healthy dose of high scores, one stood one stood head, shoulders, and a par 5 above the rest.  Tom Herrington (course h’cap 18) awoke from a golf slumber and turned in a numbing 44 stable-ford points!  When asked to comment about his amazing round Tom replied “A group of butterflies is officially called a kaleidoscope”.  We wonder about Tom sometimes.  Next up Mick Coghlan (21) carded a usually winning 40 points.  Well done!  Mashi Kaneta (16) had 39 points, and Dick Warberg a proud 38 points.  It was quite the show of golf this day.  Congrats to all!

Near Pins:  George King, Tom Herrington, Dick Warberg, Aidan Murray, Peter Hynard   



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