Tropical Golf 07/07

Friday, July 07, Pattavia – St

Brian Parish Once Again in the News!

It was “double seven” day for the Tropical Golfers, and whether you write it the American or European way, July 7th is a good day to hope for the best of luck as it was also kicking off a new Golfer of the Month race. A lucky thirteen golfers met at BJ’s Lodge for the trip to Pattavia Century. The drive there isn’t as bad as in the past, and some parts even a little scenic.

We found Pattavia in very good to excellent condition. The 950 Baht to walk is good value, AND they gave us a coupon for free beer or a meal after the round! This place knows how to make friends! Several golfers were asking about a return trip even before the round was over, and the Chang Beer staff increased the sentiment for some. One thing some people didn’t like is the slick, highly sloped, and tricky greens. A typical three putt was one well past the hole and hopefully just two coming back. To be fair Pattavia is not the hardest setup and needs that to defend the course from overly high scores. Even though many complained about the tricky greens (in good shape by the way), the bevy of high scores made such complaints seem weak.

Results:  After just one game of golf without making headlines, Brian Parish (c/h 13) showed he is still “The Man” despite a plummeting handicap. Not only did he make the news again, he did it in style with yet another #1 finish with 40 points! If Brian’s round was an order of eggs they would be scrambled, however it takes discipline to not give up and Brian is the best at that. Look for the BP Golf School to open soon. Next up returning John Pierrel (17) and Dick Warberg (21) tied at 37 points, with John Sykes (31) taking the final bow with 36. Notice the results were in handicap order too.

Best Nine (non winner): The best half games of golf were won by Tom Herrington (21 pts) and Gordon Clegg (18 pts).

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