Tropical Golf 07/04

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Friday, April 07, Treasure Hill – St

Mister Warberg Stands Tall At Treasure Hill

On our last Friday before the Songkran break the Tropical Golfers went to Treasure Hill.  Things are slowing down but still sixteen golfers showed up to give this interesting course a try.  The next week our regular reader will have do without this excellent writing as we skip a week.  People will either get involved in the festivities or hibernate in an attempt to stay dry.

Treasure Hill is a real treasure!  Interesting layout and an all-inclusive green fee with cart that even the most dedicated walkers find hard to resist.  Course condition was good to excellent.  During the round it got dark. Really dark.  An eclipse?  Only heavy clouds rolling in.  Fortunately that gave enough warning that most people found shelter just before the skies opened up.  It seems Mother Nature was giving us a pre-Songkran baptism.  Despite heavy clouds the rain lasted just about 20 minutes and then not a drop.  The course drains very well and even though we went out immediately there were only a few puddles on the fairways.  This is an exacting course and many scores were quite poor, but quality always shines through.

Dick Warberg (c/h 21) didn’t let some moisture interrupt his excellent round, and he cruised home with a winning 40 points!  Awesome!  Next Gordon Clegg (30) and Mashi Kaneta (18) tied at an excellent 37 points with Gordon getting the count-back nod.  Steady John Davis was right behind with 36 points.  Good golfing!  Strong finisher Paul Weatherley and Andy Murphy are heading home for a while, and we wish them a fond farewell and quick return.

Near Pins: Tom Herrington, Dick Warberg, Gordon Clegg, Nigel Perry

Best Nines (non-winner):  Front – Dave Cooper (16); Back – Paul Weatherley (23),

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