Tropical Golf 06/08

This is always one of our favourite stops, especially this day as most of our players had zipped off down to Hua Hin for a few days away and we had relatively few for the trip. But of course the quality was there as proved by playing off the yellow tees.

Up to K K we went and off we went with the first group off a little early and the test to be the the A & C Nines. So away on the C1 and our three ball had carts so with the way ahead clear we were in for a fast 18 holes. The other groups of ours were all 4 balls and most players were walking, so we zapped ahead and on a Course in great condition we were flying, great day ahead.

Then after 4 holes we hit the dead stop, and the fun went out of the day. We hit the 5 ball walking ahead and the great day became  ‘The day to be forgotten’. Normally we would have been allowed through but on this day, despite the fact that the caddies phoned ahead to their caddies, we were stuck for the next 14 holes until we finished. Even our 4 balls behind caught up with us on the back nine. You can never find a Marshall when you need one.

The four balls enjoyed themselves, they just had a nice amble around on a great Course. But despite taking long breaks at every stop we were still waiting to play nearly every shot. Still no Marshalls. Still I suppose we are all going to get one of these days and it is sad because the staff here are really good. They are also most help[full.

The Course was in fine condition but there was a bit of wind, but the views were also great, we had a long time to see them all. The rest came in just after us saying what a fine day they had. They all just managed to live.

Back at BJ’s it was soon into the results.  The winner on the day was Tom Herrington with 37 points ahead of a countback on 33 points that saw John Pierrel in second and Barry Elphick in third. No none of the first group were amongst the winners but could be spotted in the corner having a few beers then some more!!.    T.T.F.N.

Near Pin Tom Herrington   Tommy Marshall   Barry Elphick

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