Tropical Golf 06/06

Tuesday the 6th June 2017 ( Stableford)  Never seems to stop raining on the Golf Courses these days. Whether it is raining in Pattaya or not, time spent on the Course invariably includes some time hiding from the rain. General comment is that nobody can remember a May/June as wet as this, maybe August? but it is not fun.


So on a nice morning, with just a little drizzle around as we walked to BJ’s, off we went to see if we would be any luckier at Khao Kheow. The day appeared nice and sunny so off we went. A & C Nines was the test, It was noticeable that there was no run and the Course was playing very long as the ground was soggy after recent rain. Get in the rough and getting out was really difficult and the greens although appearing good were very slow. The fairways were also wet but apart from no run, they were in good condition.


Onto the back nine and we could see the sky start to darken, so we sped up, surely we could beat the bad weather that was threatening . Head down and plow on. The sky went black after 6 holes of the back nine and we sprinted to the rest stop which is located by the green of C 4. It came down like stair rods, it hammered it down ant those who sheltered in the tunnel between C4 and C5 found the tunnel was filling ankle deep and had to dash for the rest stop. It threw it down for the best part of 1 Hour, then the Sun came out and all was well with the World.


We finished the last three holes, while the rest of our groups finished theirs behind us, and we happily!!! splashed down the middle of the fairways trying to find a bit of dry ground. Usually with no result. Still it was really nice, and cool to boot, with the Sun out. We managed.


All enjoyed the hot showers.


Back at BJ’s it was soon time for the results with the average scores about 25 points.  Winner with 36 points was Gerd Riedler and in the circumstances a good score. Second with 34 points was Landis Brooks and it is fair to say of the first two, ‘When the going gets tough, the Tough get going’ as these are the lowest handicappers. In third place with 30 points was Daryl Evans.


( Non Winners)  Best Front Nine  Brian Parish  15 Points Best back Nine  Bob Britton 17 points


As usual we then discussed the day.  T.T.F.N.


Near pin   Gerd Riedler   Daryl Evans Landis Brooks

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