Tropical Golf 05/08

Dave Debuts as Silky Winner

This Friday the Tropical Golfers made another visit to Silky Oak.  Usually this is just a once or twice/year visit for the TG, but good rates and favorable reviews have put it in the rotation a few additional times.  It was a later than usual start and many of the golfers were able to sleep in an extra hour or so.  Others used the time for an extra cup of courage to face the many hazards Silky has to offer.

Usually golf reviews in Thailand don’t mention the weather in any positive way, but this day was a rare exception.  Fairly heavy clouds with no chance of rain along with an occasional breeze made it one of the most tolerable days in many months.  Of course riding also helps.  Silky Oak likes to make golfers nervous with several tee water carries, but they really aren’t as long as they seem.  Relax and hit it and you’ll be fine.  Fairways were in their usual excellent condition.  The greens were in mostly good condition, but a few are in need of some TLC.  Silky is also a scoring course!  Shoot high or be left out of the presentation.  This day was no exception.

First place went to newcomer Dave Headington (course h’cap 24) with a sizzling 39 points. Welcome aboard Dave.  After Dave came organizer Dick Warberg (22) with 37 points, beating Don Carmody (25) Peter Blackburn(17)  on count-back. Then came the 36’s, 35’s and so on.

Near pins:  Tommy Marshall, Don Carmody 

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