Tropical Golf 05/06

This is the first Course on our schedule every month when we sit down to decide where we are to go. The recent water shortages on the Courses have not been too bad here and as we drove up to the Course all looked green and ready to go. Only drawback was that there seemed to be a bit of mist around and as one wag put it, we were more likely to have a fog delay than a rain delay.

The Course was quite empty and so we were able to get away on time. This is always a tough Course no matter how good the day is, come out with a good score here and you know you have had a good round. The Course was in good condition with grass on the fairway and greens that ran quick and true, although maybe not up to their normal speed. Biggest problem on the day was the humidity, all the players suffered and the last few holes saw many players losing points. In fact we had some scores on the day that were well below even what we usually saw here.

Soon finished it was into the shower, up the stairs to the Restaurant for a bite to eat and a drink, then back to Pattaya.

Early back it was soon into the results. The winner was Bob Britton with 35 points on countback over Tom Herrington in second. We then had a countback on 33 points that saw Dick Warberg in third, Mashi Kaneta in fourth and Derek Brook in fifth. Then it was time to cool down with a cold one.  T.T.F.N.

Near Pin    Mashi Kaneta   Tom Herrington   Paul Sharples

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