Tropical Golf 05/04

Khao Kheow ( Stableford) It has been bit hot of late and as we met at BJ’s early in the morning the promise of another hot day was there to see and the player who said he would not play for a couple of months until it cooled down was remembered . Still a hot breakfast and soon all the players were on their way, Not as many as of late but many things go to make up the numbers, and it is Low Season.

Getting to Khao Kheow is really easy at present, straight up Route 7, and it does not take that long, however what the near future brings I have no idea as Tolls seem to be springing up all over. Just like a rash. I suppose that may mean the Toll Road should get a bit quieter, but who knows.

Still, soon at the Course, it was noticeable the the parking area had few cars, so that of course meant we were able to get away a bit early. It was as expected as after talking to the starter we were told we were to play A & C Nines and could get away as soon as we were ready. So we did.

The wind was there as usual but did not seem to cool the day down, still we moved on. As the temperature has been high of late the reservoirs, or ponds as you will, were all down, so a ball in the water quite often was playable. The fairways were not too bad and generally had grass on them, although a bit dry, and a few patches were seen. The rough was dry but as such was easy to get out of if you can play off hard bare sand with a little grass. The greens looked fast but were in fact quite slow, I assume they were trying to kept the grass a little longer. All in all though Khao Kheow was quite playable and a fine day out.

It was a pleasure to get in the shower and cool off. Most players seemed to take a long time until they felt the need for a cooling drink. Fine changing room. So upstairs to the fine Restaurant where a cool drink and a bite to eat went down well, before it was into transport and home to Pattaya and BJ’s.

Back nice and early, it was time to get into the results early and on the day we had only one Flight. As said with the Course being relatively dry on the day, hot and windy the scores would not be really good. However two golfers shot their handicap and with 36 points John Davis won on countback over John Hackett in second. In third was Rita Zoebeli with 34 points ahead of a countback on 33 points that saw Andre Van Dyk in fourth and Doug Maiko in fifth.  Then as usual we took advantage of a well priced cold one or two at BJ’s.  T.T.F.N.

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