Tropical Golf 04/12

PSC Golf from Tropical Golf Group
Thursday, December 04, Rayong Country Club ST

Landis and Daryl Conquer Rayong Country Club
Once again the Friday Tropical Golfers met on Thursday, this time to schedule around the King’s Birthday holiday. This was a unique day in another way in that the destination was Rayong Country Club, a course many have never seen, and others not for a few years.
There was discussion during the drive about how we would find the condition of the course. We needn’t have worried. Overall the course was in good condition, with some saying it’s the best they have ever seen it. Still this course is a bit rough around the edges (rim shot). Some complained the rough was a little too rough making recovery shots a true penalty and once you were passed the usual boundary of the rough it was pure jungle. Such comments were invariably answered with “Then stay on the fairways”, but of course that was from golfers who played well on the day. Rayong CC is on a nice plot of land and an interesting layout, and very much worth a visit. So on to the results.
Since this course was unfamiliar even to those with good memories there was no prediction how the scores would come in. In the end the course proved just about right with only two players from A-flight shooting handicap. Landis Brooks (9) with 36 points edged Ted Morris (15) on count-back, with Tom Herrington (15) taking third place honors with 34 points. In the struggling B-flight (16+) Daryl Evans (20) was the best with 32 points, followed by Don Carmody (25) at 31, and Brian Gabe (19) garnering 28 points but good enough to enjoy some reward.

Near Pins: Ted Morris, Don Carmody, John Davis, Freddie Starbeck
Long putts: Don Carmody, Brian Parish

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