Tropical Golf 04/11

Tuesday November 04, Bangpra Country Club – ST

Bangpra and Tropical Golf Both Winners

This was a very special day for the Tropical Golf (formerly Tropical Bert’s) Group.  This was the inaugural meeting at our new location at BJ’s Holiday Lodge and also the first Tuesday to kick off our Golfer of the Month battle.  Everyone arrived at our new venue for a later than usual tee time, and no one went first to the old place out of habit – at least no one would admit it.  Expecting some first day bugs, we were all pleasantly surprised to find the staff well prepared.  The service, food, and help yourself coffee were excellent.  We were pleased to see some familiar faces returning after some time away.

With such a great start to the day and with the weather looking to hold back tears of rain, we saddled up and headed to Bangpra Country Club.  We don’t play this course as often as we’d like, and it is one of the most scenic and well kept courses in the area.  Just keep a close watch on your golf bag lest the monkeys get into it.  One year someone had their phone stolen out of a cart.  The weather was about perfect. We expected the entire course to be very mushy after all the recent rains, but only a few spots were soggy, and the greens excellent.  Bangpra is a subtle course and it takes experience and a good eye to score well on what seems to be a straight forward layout.  Once into the round however one quickly realizes the smallest deviations from well placed shots leaves instant trouble. Shaking our heads in defeat we headed back to BJ’s for the damage report.

When all was tallied it was clear Bangpra was the victor today, even though everyone loved the trip.  In B-flight (19+) the winner and best score of the day was Derek Brook (22) with 34 points.  Congrats to Derek!  In the A-flight the best these “real golfers” could manage with their fewer free shots was won by the returning John Hackett (15) with 32 points on a multi-name countback.  Good effort John and it shows never give up!

A-flight:  John Hackett (15) 32 pts      John Pierrez (13) 32 pts           John Davis (14) 32 pts

B-fight:  Derek Brook (22) 34 pts       Frank Pilkington (25) 32 pts    Daryl Evans (22) 30 pts

Near pins:  Mick Coghlan  John Davis  John Pierrel  Dave Courner

Long putt:  Dick Warberg

Thanks again to our new friends at the BJ Holiday Lodge on Soi 3 just 100 yards from Beach Road (  The Tropical Golf Group plays Tuesday and Friday, and is affiliated with the Pattaya Sports Club.

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