Tropical Golf 04/07

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Tuesday, July 04, Crystal Bay (B/C) – Stableford Rainbow

Bob and Dick Rocket to the Top on a Colorful Day!

It was the 4th of July, also known as American Independence Day. For those living in Pattaya, it’s not the time to reflect too much on history, nor discuss the political implications of the event. It’s a good day for a party! To celebrate Tropical Golf held a red, white, and blue rainbow competition at Crystal Bay. Never mind those are also the colors of the British and Thai flags, we “Americanized” the event by having mini “slider” burgers, potato salad, and more, and pie with ice cream after. First there was golf to tend to.

The annual 4th of July “rainbow” competition was a little different this time. Each player could choose what color tee he played off on each hole; the only requirement being to have six of each color tee by the end. Some put detailed thought into a strategy, while others just went in RWB order all the way round. Some played all six blue tees first to get them out of the way and cruise home on the easy tees when fatigue set in, and a few just figured it out as they played.  Whichever way one decided, it was an interesting day. Some people had it figured out just right as there were some good scores.

A-Flight (0-15): A bevy of good golfers brought the A-flight level down lower than usual, but even so the skilled Bob Watson (6) showed who is boss with an excellent 39 points off his minuscule handicap. Awesome Bob! Right behind was the equally talented Landis Brooks (7) with his small handicap earning 38 points. These guys are good! Returning John Pierrel (15) and Selwyn Yates (10) came next tied at 37 on countback.

B-Flight (16+):  Organizer and All American golfer Dick Warberg (18) had the high score of the day with a bottle rocket high 40 points! Show them whose day it is Dick! Andre Van Dyk (16) put his homework to good use by claiming the next spot with 38 points, followed by Joel Flor (28) with 35 and Barry Oates (26) at 33.

Rainbow Prizes: The best red tee scores were shared by Maurice Roberts and Mick Coghlan. Best white tee score was won by George Bayley, and the best blue tee score went to Phil Davies!

After the presentation a good old American spread was put out, with some Thai food of course.  Everyone especially enjoyed either the apple or cherry pie dessert. A special thanks to Dick and Brian Parish for their extra work for a fun day and the staff of BJ’s Holiday Lodge for the feast after.

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