Tropical Golf 04/01

Wednesday The 4th January 2017:  Pleasant Valley ( Stableford) Not a bad run from BJ’s brought us to Pleasant Valley nice and early, and a leisurely change allowed us to breath deeply before trotting down to the start in what can only be called ‘Gale Conditions’. Indeed so strong was the wind that it was difficult to stand on the Tee and many golfers stated that it was the strongest wind they had ever played in. With an 8 Group field of players we looked forward to a windy time.


After this most of the time the ball seemed to go where it wanted to. It is not too bad playing with the wind behind or even into it but in a cross wind it is really hard to keep the ball straight and balls in the water or in a bunker was fairly common place. Sadly in the water was a shot  lost, and lost ball, but in a bunker could be anything as the dogs run free and the bunkers are seemingly not raked. so a ball in a bunker can be in a paw hole, buried as the sand is soft, or simply  in a hole that had not been raked. Sad indeed.


The Course was windswept as a whole but not in bad condition otherwise. This is a Course that seems to be built  on too little land  and in the early days was not a good Course to play, now however they have  grown trees and although not enough to stop the wind still has helped make it a Course that is playable and in fact at times a pleasure, especially when , as on this day , they had a special deal on Greenfee, Caddy and cart.


Windblown and tired we soon got back to the Clubhouse to have a shower in cold water. Hot as we were it was actually not too  bad, well so I tried to tell myself at the time. It certainly brings one back to life.


Back at BJ’s it was soon time to get into the results. In the A Flight, 0 to 22, the winner was John Davis with 40 points ahead of Tom Herrington with 37 points in second. In third was Tony Scamber 35 points and in fourth was Richard Kubicki with 34 points on countback over Landis Brooks.

In the B Flight the winner was Dave Cooper with 40 points ahead of a countback on on 37 points that saw Karen Brown in second, Carol Kubicki in third and Torsten Bischoff in fourth.


The front Nine best score was Henry Wong and the back nine best score was Kenny Chung.


Then as usual when the day is over we told the tall stories.   T.T.F.N.


   Near Pin       Torsten Bischoff   Rob Brown  (2)  AVD

   Long Put        Don Carmody     Mick Coghlan


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