Tropical Golf 03/06

Tommy Marshall and Kenny Chung off to Great Start

Well, its the beginning of a new month for the Tropical Golfers.  Time to get off to a good start to try to win the all important Golfer Of The Month award.  Despite being the slow part of  the slow season, 22 Tropical Golfers showed up under threatening skies for the trip to Greenwood.  The Coffee and food at BJ’s Lodge was good as usual, and after filling up off we went for the long trip to Greenwood.

Arriving at Greenwood we were assigned the A & B links.  Greenwood is indeed green, and this time of year that is impressive. They are also running a special now of 1050 bt including cart.  What’s not to like?  The only issue is this day carts were restricted to paths only, and for many golfers and all Caddies that means more walking than, well, walking.  Keep that in mind.  Just as the first few groups were on their way the rain came in, and back they came!  There was about a 45-minute delay, but the rest of the day was cloudy and cooler than lately.  Nice.  Lift & clean was invoked, but not often needed as the course drains pretty well.  Greenwood is a scoring course, and despite some soggy areas many golfers took advantage.

A-Flight:  Playing spectacular golf, Tommy Marshall (h’cap 8) shot an impressive 41 points off his small handicap.  That is some good golf Tommy!  Just behind came frequent winner Landis Brooks (10) with 40-points.  Wow.  Newcomer Peter Hynard (13) finished with 35.

B-Flight:  It was the battle of 38 points!  When all sorted, Kenny Chung (27) took countback honors over Dave Nicholson (19) and Brian Gabe (20).  Some tight finish guys!

Near Pins:  Tommy Marshall, Barry Elphick, Alan Sullivan, Dave Nicholson


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