Tropical Golf 03/03

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Friday, March 03, Crystal Bay – St

Mick and Kei Sparkle at Crystal Bay

March is here.  A new month, a new quest for Golfer of the Month, and Crystal Bay is a fitting venue to start things off.  Just like golfers warm up with easier clubs, Crystal Bay is a bit more forgiving than most, and good for the ego, not to mention fewer lost balls.  Slow season?  Twenty seven Tropical Golfers met at BJ’s Lodge for the food and golf.  Under sunny skies we headed out.

Once at CB we were assigned the B & C courses.  The course was a bit full with other groups visiting this day, but things spread themselves out nicely and most groups got around without much delay.  The course was in overall good condition with fairways cut not too short and greens tricky.  If one forced a complaint, some greens were fast and then the next one might be like putting on fly paper, but hey, we quibble.  Scores at CB are usually on the high Stableford side, and today was sure no exception!

A-Flight (0-20):  “Most Excellent Golfer” Kei Kasami (c/h 6) took full advantage and earned 40 points off his enviable handicap.  That means he shot 74!  Green anyone?  Next Tom Herrington (16) showed he is still around with 38 points, followed by Andre Van Dyk (15) with 36 and John Davis (13) with 35 points.  Good scores all around.

B-Flight (21+):   Golfers get on a roll, in-the-zone, or whatever, but Mick Coghlan (23) continued his amazing streak with a stellar 44 points!  Can you believe last week he did even better?  We bow down to thee, Mick.  Don Carmody (30) had a usually winning 41 points, then came Nigel Perry (25) with 38, and Mike O’Brien (23) with 34.  Well played everyone!

Near Pins: Doug Maiko, John Davis, Kei Kasami, Andre Van Dyk, Sina

Long putts  Paul Weatherley,

Best Nines (non-winner):  Brian Parish, Jadwiga



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