Tropical Golf 03/02

Brian and Deryl Win Royally

Hey golf fans!  Its a new month for the Topical Golfers.  A new Golfer of the Month contest begins and everyone wanted to be off to a good start.  This Friday the Tropical Golfers once again headed out to Royal Lakeside.  We were there just last week, buy hey – we like it!  So lets visit there again.  Twenty seven hopefuls headed out to this fine course.

Royal Lakeside was in its usual excellent condition.  The course seems easy, but it is more tricky than a first glance might suggest.  Usually comments about the weather are about how hot or rainy it was, but this day was about as perfect as Thailand can get. Cool, slight breeze to keep the bugs down, and cloudy.  On such days walking is not only easy but a pleasure.  Though not a cakewalk RL is one of the most forgiving courses, and the scores – one in particular – showed people can take advantage.

A-Flight (0-20):  Brian Parish (c/h 14) won his flight with a lofty 42 points!  Congrats to Brian, but can you believe his wasn’t the best score of the day by 6 strokes?  Next came Brian Sams (6) with 38 points off his small handicap, followed by Landis Brooks (10) with 37, edging out Brian Gabe on countback.

B-Flight (21+):  How to even describe this next score?  Deryl Neufeld (22) blasted away all competition with an incredible 48 points!  Deryl is on a roll having won the Monthly Mug a week ago.  Next came Torsten Bischoff (30) with an excellent 40 points, still an incredible 8 strokes behind.  At least Torsten doesn’t have to torture himself worrying about that putt that lipped out.  Last of the best was Dick Warberg (22) with 39 points, edging out steady Dave Cooper.

Near Pins:  Brian Sams (2), Brian Parish, Mashi, Torsten Bischoff, Daryl Evans

Long putts:  John Davis, Barry Elphick

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