Tropical Golf 02/12

Tuesday The 2nd December 2014: Khao Kheow ( Stableford) Well it is nice to see the High Season really is underway and the list for the next day out is filled as soon as it is put on the board. Indeed overfull in many respects. On this day the turnout at out new base, BJ’S Holiday Lodge, Soi 3, was overwhelming and even the ‘Organiser’ was forced to get in early for a change. Amazing how things change.

One of the worries when we moved to our new home was the parking, but with care all the drivers seem to be able to park, so with the very fine and well priced brekkers taken care of it was off to Khao Kheow. The drive there is quite straight forward, just go up Route 7 turn right and there you are. Well you are if you turn right. It is a long way back if you miss the turn and go past Pleasant Valley turn off. Been there, seen it, done it.

The test for the day was to be the A & C Nines, probably the toughest test and as we did not seem to have had much rain in Pattaya we decided to play from the yellow tees and no lift, clean and place. Even being told the carts were not allowed on the fairways triggered in the brain that it was wet and muddy.

Really the Course was not too bad, it was very wet in places and the ball picked up a fair bit of mud, but generally it was fine. Or course the rough was really difficult to get out of and the greens were not as fast in some places, but it was a lovely day out. We moved along well and apart from the odd wait on a par 3,we got around well. My one really good shot came on C 8 as I hit a really good shot that covered the pin, only to be brought to earth by the comment, ‘What a great shot, I hope it is not a hole in one as you were in front of the tee’. Ever wanted to wrap a club around someone’s neck ??.

Round over it was a bite in the fine Restaurant and back to Pattaya.

The new location is quite cosy and the food well priced and tasty, however it was soon into the results. In the A Flight, 0 to 18, the winner was Maurice Roberts with 37 points ahead of AVD with 36 points in second. In third was Mashi with 35 points and in fourth was Tom Herrington with 33 points on countback over Brian Parish, Bob Watson and Dick Warberg. In the B Flight the winner was Barry Elphick with 36 points ahead of Rita Zoebelli in second with 34 points. In third was Jim Ferris with 33 points on countback over Frank Donnelly in fourth.

It is quite cosy here and the ‘Management’ lay the tables in a line, and with good food the ‘Boys’ tend to stay. On this night a few of us did until it suddenly poured down and the excuse to stay was there. T.T.F.M.

Near Pin Dick Warberg Dave Cooper Bob Watson John Davis
Long Put Brian Gabe John Hackett

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