Tropical Golf 02/08

John and Mick Claim The Treasure

A new month and several things are happening during the month of September.  First is the start of a new Golfer of the Month race.  Also hopefully starting are slightly cooler days with the continuation of slow season golf specials.  Most know its the month for the Hua Hin golf specials and many have trips planned.  The month started out with twenty two Tropical Golfers heading out to Treasure Hill.

Treasure Hill gets it right.  The course is invariably in good condition, and an eclectic layout means you are never bored.  Not a “grip it and rip it” course, analytical skills affects scores as much as skill.  Right now with a fee of 1000 bt all in including cart, its easy on the wallet too. What’s not to like?  Ok, some people don’t like trees dividing fairways, and the “alligator hole” shouldn’t be a 15 handicap, but that’s small stuff. Treasure Hill is well named.  It was a rare cloudy day when umbrellas stayed in the bag since both sun and rain were missing.  How would the golfers perform with such good conditions?

A-Flight (1-17):  John Pierrel (c/h 17) had the best score of the day with an impressive 39 points.  Way to go John!  Tommy Marshall (8) played the best golf of the day with 37 points off his enviable handicap, and Maurice Roberts (14) showed his recent consistent form with 35 points.

B-Flight (19+):  The revered Mick Coghlan (22) gathered up 38 points in an excellent round, followed by Mike O’Brien (24) with 36 and George Bailey (27) with 34 points.  Congrats to all.

Near pins:  Bob Watson, Andre Van Dyk, Graham Buckingham, John Pierrel

Long putts:  Tom Herrington, Dick Warberg



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