Tropical Golf 02/06

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Friday, June 02, Pattavia CC – St

Andre Perfect at Pattavia

Happy Hot Days to all.  We are in the middle of the dog days of summer, so don’t try to save money on water or sunblock.  This Friday the Tropical Golfers headed out to Pattavia Century Golf Club.  The drive to Pattavia is longer than most, but some shortcuts and repaired roads have made the journey less arduous.  Twelve Tropical Golfers signed up, and with a new Golfer of the Month starting, everyone wanted to get off to a good start.  On the way in some very dark clouds were making people nervous, but for the first time in a while not a drop fell.

With a dozen golfers we tried “four 3-balls” rather than the usual “three 4-balls”, and to a man it was much preferred.  Give it a try.  If you haven’t played Pattavia it is somewhat a “mystery course” as there are no hole diagrams on the tees or scorecard.  Never mind, most holes are WYSIWYG, and Caddies know the layout.  Course condition was good to excellent!  Recent rains have made the fairways beautiful and the often heavily sloped greens can hold well executed shots.  How about the scores?

In first place Andre Van Dyk (c/h 17) took control and finished with an excellent 41 points!  Way to go Andre.  Right behind was Mashi Kaneta (19) with 40 points.  So close!  The last two to earn applause were Brian Parish (14) with 38 points and Tom Herrington (16) with 37.

Best Nine (non winner): Landis Brooks (19, Dick Warberg (21)


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