Tropical Golf 01/11

Tom and Landis Win Slugfest.  John Aces!

Greetings Golfers:  There is a lot to cover this week so let’s get right to it.  A new month starts a new Golfer of the Month race, and cooler but sometimes wet weather make the rounds a bit less tiring.  A full slate of thirty two golfers headed out to Crystal Bay to get things started.

Crystal Bay is in overall good condition, at least the grass is.  The bunkers are a serious work-in-progress.  It seems like just last week we were moaning about hard fairways and dead or no grass.  Now most courses are green, lush, and the ground a bit squishy in spots.  However we didn’t get rained on, or out, which not all groups recently can say.  We played the forward yellow tees to compensate for lack of roll and allow for some “feel good” scores on this special day.  High scores were expected, but probably not this much.  Breaking your handicap by several strokes guaranteed nothing back at the ranch as three of four places in each flight were over 40 points!

A-Flight (0-18):  Landis Brooks (c/h 8) had the best “real” score of the day at two over par with an excellent 42 points of his small handicap.  Landis beat Andre Van Dyk (16) on count-back, and then came Brian Parish (13) with a normally winning 41 points, followed by John Davis (13) with 39 points.  Amazing!

B-Flight (19+):  Tom Herrington (19) had the best of the best with a numbing 44 points!  Where did that come from?  Next came Derek Brook (26) with 41 points, and then Gordon Clegg (33) with 40 points and Nigel Perry (23) with “only” 39.

Amazing scores, but there is more!  John Pierrel deserves special mention by holing an Ace on C7!  John said it’s his first one in twenty years, and it was probably with mixed feelings there was such a large crowd on hand to celebrate with him.

After all announcements Lek, BJ, and the staff at BJ’s Holiday Lodge put on a feast, topped off by apple and lemon meringue pies to commemorate our second anniversary at their location.  To say it’s been win-win for golfers and the venue would be an understatement!  With many a “thank you” from both sides, it appears all are looking forward to many years of golf from ‘The BJ Holiday Lodge’.

Near pins:  John Pierrel (hole-in-one), John Hackett, John Davis, Dave Cooper

Long putts:  Don Carmody, Jim Ferris

Best front nine:  John Costello

Best back nine:  John Hackett


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