Tropical Golf 01/04

Friday, April 01, 2016, Pleasant Valley – St

Andre Is No April Fool

This Friday it was a lighter than usual crowd of 19 Tropical Golfers who made the rare trip to Pleasant Valley.  Low season is officially here.  We haven’t played there in a while and had no recent feedback as to the conditions.  In fact it was so long since we were there one car automatically went to Mountain Shadow, but no names will be mentioned and they arrived in time.  It pays to leave early, right Dave?

Pleasant Valley is in good condition.  Either this place gets more rain or has access to more water, but the fairways were all green! And the greens were, well, green!  The course is an interesting layout with several forced carries off the tee, and since we played the blue tees it added a bit of drama.  The carries are more mentally distracting more than truly long but still a couple golfers struggled.   We also experimented using USGA “Course Handicap’s”, so everyone picked up strokes based on the slope rating of the tee played from.

Despite a tricky layout there were many impressive scores.  Five shots clear of the next rival, Andre Van Dyk (h’cap 16 for the day) had a mind boggling 46 points.  When Andre reported his score we all waited for the call of “April Fool” but it never came.  Next came a surprised Brian Gabe (19) with a usually winning 41 points.  Then incredibly there were three players with 38 points with Graham “Buckers” Buckingham (27), Mashi Kaneta (18) and Landis Brooks (9) lining up.  Great playing everyone!

Near Pins:  Rita Zoebeli, Andre Van Dyk (2), Mashi Kaneta

Long Putt:  Mashi Kaneta

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