Tropical Bert’s we 31/10


Friday October 31, Pattaya Country Club – ST

Final Friday at Tropical Tropical Bert’s!

It was with mixed emotions the Tropical Bert’s golf group met this Halloween Friday.  Its always nice to see the usual friendly faces in the morning, and welcome any new ones.  However there was also the knowledge this was our last rendezvous at this location and with the “Topical Bert’s” name.  Bert is moving to the “Dark Side” and the current location is closing.  What a ride its been!  Bert has been hosting golf in various locations for over 10 years, and a large percentage of golfers in Pattaya have played there at one time or another.  Words cannot express our thanks to Bert and his staff for accommodating the group with daily “golfer’s special” breakfasts and dinners.  Best of luck to them all!

All is not lost however.  The “Tropical Golf Group” is moving en mass to the BJ Holiday lodge on Soi 3 just down from Beach Rd on the right.  This is a very nice venue, the owners and staff are quite friendly and looking forward to hosting our twice weekly outings.  All are welcome.

So what about the golf?  Today was Pattaya Country Club.  The clubhouse is nearing completion, and the short drive and good value make it a worthy outing.  The fairways are nice, but sadly the greens which a few months ago we reported to be significantly improved have regressed to below average condition.  Management is aware of the situation and working to get the greens fixed up.

Back at Bert’s the Final Friday golf winners were Mashi Kaneta (14) taking A-flight with 40 points, and Mick Coghlan (24) with the day’s best score winning B-flight with a wonderful 41 points.

A-flight results:

Mashi Kaneta (14) 40 pts.       Walter Baechli (16) 39 pts       Andre Van Dyk (17) 38 pts

B-flight results

Mick Coghlan (24) 41 pts       Graham Buckingham (22) 37 pts        Derek Brook (22) 36 pts

Near pins: Mark West   Peter Blackburn   Andre Van Dyk   Mick Coghlan

Long putts: Peter Blackburn   Andre Van Dyk

Our next report will be as the Tropical Golf Group from BJ Holiday Lodge, and see you then!


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