The Players Lounge 16/1

Tuesday saw TPL return to Greenvalley with 5 groups after the competition for two weeks ??

Nps no 8 Nigel Harrison no 13 Nick Shaw ?????

2s Jim Bell and Mark Wood ?

A flight 

1st place Jim Bell 17 39pts

2nd place Mark Wood 9 38pts

3rd place Tony Oakes 13 36

B flight

1st place Howard Bland 25 39pts

2nd place Nick Shaw 21 37pts CB

3rd place Barry Copestake 24 37pts

4th place Tim Knight 29 36pts


Laughable moment we had to play lift clean and cheat due to all the divots left by the professional golfers ??????


Next up tomorrow morning Friday Emerald tee 0930

Sunday Greenvalley 0915

Tuesday Greenvalley 1000


Contact Mick 0843753975 / sign up at the bar/ check out our FB page

All welcome to join us

Many Thanks



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