The PSC Handicap App & WHS Update 30th

The PSC Handicap App
Update 30th Jan

We are still experiencing some testing problems regarding the link between the Handicap System on the website, and the new App but both are continuing to work well, independently. So please use either system, whichever suits but it is up-to-you to stay aware, which one is your live handicap. I am very happy to update any scores to the App. if you wish.
It is taking a considerable amount of my time as I know how important the maintenance of our handicaps is and a smooth transition is required. The App, will permit easier use for our handicap maintenance and is certainly from an Admin point of view, it will much simpler, as there are many things on the website system which cannot be easily changed.

The change is likely to be at a weekend when there is the least activity and I will advise you further when I know precisely how it’s going to happen. It will most likely be a live test using a fully backed-up system, which we can revert to if necessary.

As for the WHS transition, that has likewise been delayed; but I think I would have delayed it any case as there are many aspects of the WHS that are not applicable in Thailand. Probably the most controversial, if applied, would be the subtraction of the “par for the course” from the “rating of the course”. That is similar to the EGA handicap system and makes your handicap Index very portable from tee to tee; however, it has implications about your playing handicap, that I think would not be easy to accept here.

Already, I see differences in the way that Australia are going to apply the change to the way that the USA have applied it. There will be some further discussion here in Pattaya but I have a feeling we will only change to 8 counting from the last 20 (instead of 10 from 20) at 100% (instead of 96%) and the rules regarding gaining a handicap index after just three rounds.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.

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