The Players Lounge

TPL on Sunday 23rd travelled to Greenvalley for our very first tee time on a Sunday, two groups of fine strapping lads took on the maintenance course, yes GUR on the fairways, yes you had to play lift clean and cheat , yes one hole closedown but overall it is improved over the last couple of weeks. ?

1st place went to Mick beresford 18 with a fantastic score of 45pts , I’m sure the holes were like buckets to him??

2nd Jim bell 19 with a fine 35pts but with no eagles or hole in one I’m sure he was disappointed ?

3rd went to peter lenory 13 with a creditable 33pts who has only recently come back, sure he will have top spot soon ?

Thanks for all who attended

Tuesday greenwood 1015 tees

Friday at emerald 1015 tees

All welcome please contact Mick 0843753975 or message on fb or sign up at the bar


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