The Growling Swan 24/11

Eastern Star GC – 24th of November 2014
The Drut
Marc Henkel comes up trumps.

An intrepid band of golfers headed off eager to test their skills at our scheduled game, Eastern Star GC.
Everything ran smoothly which always makes life easy for an organiser.
Welcomes were handed out to Pattaya residents Niall Stuart and Phil Taylor.

Colm Mullen indicated he was keen to improve on the last start effort as he’d spotted spoors not even the tree huggers or environmentalists were aware existed.

Hitting off under cloudy skies from the yellow tees the course was found to be in good condition.
The greens despite looking as lumpy as a pensioner’s gravy and slower than a new year’s evening party at your maiden aunts, putted ok.

Results for Eastern Star
Marc Henkel ( 29 ) 43 pts
Ebrahim ( 14 ) 42 pts
Phil Taylor ( 15 ) 38 pts
J.C.Lhoste ( 26 ) 37 pts

Near pins went to Mike Gosden on 3,Phil Taylor 6,Kae 13 and Ebrahim 17.
Long first putts were won by Roy Dayton on the 9th and Kae the 18th.
The Compass Cap went to Niall Stuart who was of the opinion he’d have more chance of dropping a ping pong ball into an egg cup from the top of the Empire State Building during a hurricane than rolling in a two foot putt.

Deefa the dog again received donations from the golfers for the needy children of Pattaya.

Drutnote: To the people who treat the game like life and death – we are social golfers, stop chewing on the serious pills.

The GS is a friendly golf outlet and caters for and encourages all golfers male or female to have a hit at any of our weekly outings. We generally play Mondays and Thursdays at one of the many fine golf courses in and around Pattaya. Please contact Peter Grey if you are interested on 0861 503086.

The Growling Swan also caters to the bowls enthusiasts. Bus transport departs the GS on Wednesdays at 10 AM to play at Cocos on undercover synthetic greens and on Sundays at the same time for open grass bowling at The Retreat. Please contact Paul Rennison on 0843 454005 if you wish to partake. The cost including return bus transport, bowling fees and a hot lunch is less than 400 baht so great value for a day out

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