The Growling Swan 01/12

Greenwood GC – 1st of December 2014

Ebrahim wins again

It has been alluded to by more than one astute observer that the material used in this column has been around since the Dead Sea was only sick.
With that in mind the scribe will introduce something innovative by reporting the facts.

Prior to hit off change room chatter included Bob Akapita commenting he was looking for some consistency, as his game had been on and off more times than the light in the pethidene fridge at the Betty Ford clinic.

Fred Cuypers from Perth, Western Australia and Peter Bailey from Darwin in the Northern Territory, Australia were welcomed.

The C and A nines were the challenge for today, played in that order with the A nine used for countback purposes.

The weather was pleasant, the fairways a bit heavy underfoot due to rain the previous evening whilst the the greens were as smooth as a suppository coated in Mr Sheen.

Two farang five balls hooked in at the half way mark in front of us, so the second stanza was as crowded as a group of transvestites around Dame Edna’s clothes line.

Ebrahim continued his good form handing in forty one points to finish atop the podium whilst Colm Mullen came home with a wet sail and scored thirty nine.

John Anderson commented “if you thought Bridget Bardot’s face has done a million miles you should see my golf swing” broke his handicap for the first time in Thailand, also scored thirty nine points to take third spot.

Don Richardson rounded out the place getters with thirty eight points.

Results for Greenwood GC
1st Ebrahim ( 14 ) 41 pts
2nd Colm Mullen ( 17 ) 39 pts
3rd John Anderson ( 30 ) 39 pts
4th Don Richardson ( 13 ) 38 pts

Near pins went to Fred Cuypers A2,Ebrahim A6, Don Richardson C3 and Bob Akapita C6
Long first putts saw John Coetzee on A9 and Don Richardson C9 successful.

Our lady golfer Kae collected the Coveted Compass Cap with a score lower than the scribe’s bank account interest.

The resident hound was the happy recipient of many donations for the needy children of Pattaya and the punters are once again thanked for their generosity.

Drutnote: always drink up stream from the herd.

The GS is a friendly golf outlet and caters for and encourages all golfers male or female to have a hit at any of our weekly outings. We generally play Mondays and Thursdays at one of the many fine golf courses in and around Pattaya. Please contact Peter Grey if you are interested on 0861 503086.

The Growling Swan also caters to the bowls enthusiasts. Bus transport departs the GS on Wednesdays at 10 AM to play at Cocos on undercover synthetic greens and on Sundays at the same time for open grass bowling at The Retreat. Please contact Paul Rennison on 0843 454005 if you wish to partake. The cost including return bus transport, bowling fees and a hot lunch is less than 400 baht so great value for a day out.

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