The Golf Club we 31/10

Billy Eyles goes wild!


Monday 27th – Rayong Green Valley – Stableford – White tees.

1st – Chaten Patel (12) 68 net

2nd – Dale Shier (13) 69 net

3rd – Bill Eyles (21) 70 net

3rd – Saito (21) 70 net


Lots of golf this week as we squeeze in an extra round ahead of the price rises next week. It’s sad to see the end of bargain golf, but Mark West at the P.S.C. has got us some great rates and vouchers for the high season so the pain shouldn’t be too bad.


He had a win up in Kabinburi, and funnily enough that was the round we opted for Medal play, and he has done it again today. Yep, your Monthly Medal winner for October is none other than Chaten Patel! Smooth swinging Mr. Patel has been in fine form lately and wins the Antigua TGC golf shirt for his medal win. By the way, we just got in a big new shipment of our famous shirts, so swing by to restock while we still have your size and colour.


Our buddy Dale Shier also had a sterling round but just a shot off the mark. That’s a shame as he could use the dosh for the new baby (It’s a boy by the way)! Wild Bill Eyles has now become Billy the Hat and we award him 3rd place along with Saito-san, visiting from Japan.


Condition was great, but the last couple of groups caught a bit of rain right at the end. That’s not a bad result for this time of year.



Billy Eyles, Dale Shier and new member Saito from Japan.


Tuesday 28th – Pattavia Century – Stableford – White tees.

1st – Keith Emmerson (11) 40 points

2nd – Aki Tate (15) 33 points

3rd – Ken Aihara (5) 32 points

It’s nice to get back to this terrific golf course and see how it has developed over the last year. Chang Breweries bought this, the former Century Chonburi, about 2 years ago and have worked wonders on the improvements. The fairways are better, the bunkers are actually playable now and the clubhouse may be modest in size, but very attractive and comfortable. It is an unpretentious golf course that is a little gem in our links collection here in Pattaya.

Looks like there is another Emmerson in town and Keith takes the win today with a solid 40 points, a great score with these tricky and fast greens. Our Japanese buddies Aki and Ken had a battle for second, and for once Aki came out on top!


Thursday 30th – Treasure Hill – Stableford – White tees.

1st – John Hutt (25) 33 points

2nd – Bill Eyles (21) 32 points

3rd – Ken Aihara (5) 30 points


We haven’t been here for ages, so we had a full crew out today to take on this difficult and narrow track. Last week, we had our road trip to Kabinburi that was also designed by Yoshikazu Kato so the guys got to play to his design once again. The course was a bit rough and the greens showed some wear, but at a rate of 1,050 including buggy it was great value. Sure there are lots of courses in better shape right now, but this is such a quality layout we had to get it on the schedule.


Kenny Aihara was on the podium once again and his third place with a 30 tells you how hard this course is. Billy did very well with 32, but John Hutt had an obviously great day and a 33 won it for him.


Friday 31st – Mountain Shadow – Stableford – White tees 

1st – Ken Aihara (5) 37 points

1st – Andy Finland (13) 37 points

3rd – Akifume Tate (15) 34 points


Another great track we haven’t visited in a long time, Mountain Shadow will always be a great challenge. We had another rain free round of golf so we got lucky again! The bit of bad luck was hitting loads of traffic coming home which was probably those Bangkok weekenders on their way into Patts.


It was a heavily influenced Japanese leaderboard as Ken and Aki once again were at the top. This time it was Kenny who prevailed and a tie with Andy at the 37 point mark got them joint first place. Aki had 34 to get third and that was a shot better than his performance at Pattavia earlier in the week.


Thanks again to all who joined us this week for some great golf in Pattaya!


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