The Golf Club we 19/12

It’s Trusty Rusty in Kabinburi!

Kabinburi keeps getting better every trip!

Monday 15th – Rayong Green Valley – Stableford – White tees.
1st – Nigel Flanagan (11) 39 points
1st – Andy Makara(24) 39 points
3rd – David Forster (14) 38 points

Another beautiful day on a beautiful golf course to start the week off right. Green Valley was in perfect condition and our gang of Pattaya’s finest was treated to millionaire’s golf in the high season. Only 7 groups for today’s comp but every week now there are more pilgrims making their way back to our shores.

Funny how lately we have had a bunch of guys that are about to leave end up playing their best golf. I guess it takes a few weeks (or months) to work out the cobwebs and play to better their handicap. David Forster shot an exceptional round of golf and turned in 38 points that easily could have won on any other week, but only earned him 3rd place. Two guys tied for first. Andy has been turning in some fine cards lately and his 39 tied him with Flanagan. Nigel is now on his way back to Djibouti so we can talk bad about him. Unfortunately we have nothing but good to say as he shares the win with another 39 pointer to send him off with a smile on his face. See ya in a few months Nige! Keep your head down buddy.

Thursday 18th – Kabinburi – Eclectic Stableford – Yellow tees.
1st – Rusty Barfield (5) 40 points
2nd – Kenny Aihara (4) 37 points
2nd – Steve Ellison (18) 37 points

Friday 19th – Kabinburi – Eclectic Stableford – Yellow tees.
1st – Kenny Aihara (4) 35 points
2nd – John Squidero (21) 34 points
3rd – Phil Smedley (10) 32 points

Another road trip was on the TGC agenda for this week and up to one of our most popular destinations, Kabinburi. It’s an easy 2 hour 30 minute journey up past Greenwood and on to the 304 for a one-nighter and 2 rounds of golf at the ever improving Kabinburi Sports Club. We were staying at the Kantary Hotel as usual and it is easily the best hotel we have on our rota. The rooms are huge and beautiful like a few of the “girls” over at Pooky’s.

This was a 2 day Stableford comp and we threw in an eclectic as well for an extra bit of fun. An eclectic is when you try to improve on your first days’ score and can replace your bad holes with a hopefully better second chance, and use that number for your total of the 2 days on one combined 18 hole card.

It turned out to be our buddy Rusty Barfield who had the lead all the way. The RustBucket is another one of the guys heading out back home and this was his last game before the airport shuttle. His 45 Eclectic Stableford was the best anyone could do out there. The course was in the best condition we have seen it and our 6,240 yard track was plenty as the damp took out any roll possible. Kenny Aihara was no surprise to see on the old podium and even I snuck in there with a decent couple of rounds, highlighted by my first eagle on the 6th! A 5 iron into a breeze from 150 yards just happened to drop into the cup for a 3 on the par-5.

Big John Squidero also featured well as the Las Vegas taxi driver shot far better than his 21 handicap, and was also a load of fun in the process. I love it when guys have a good time with those great caddies up there, it makes for such a fun day of golf.

Steve, Kenny and the winner Rusty Barfield.

TOTAL – Kabinburi – Eclectic Stableford – Yellow tees.
1st – Rusty Barfield (5) 45 points
2nd – Kenny Aihara (4) 43 points
2nd – Steve Ellison (18) 43 points

Thanks to all who joined us this week, we sure appreciate it! The Golf Club is “The Home of Golf in Pattaya” and is located on Soi LK Metro. We broadcast all English Premier League, UFC, NFL, MLB and AFL games live. Our kitchen is open from 07:00-22:30 with our famous Steak Nights on Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday. Just call 085 434 3377 or see our website and for more information mail us: and see updates at… all handicaps welcome!

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