The Golf Club we 07/11

The Golf Club write-up for 3rd – 7th November

Steve Ellison

The Flapper is in the Pink!


“The Flapper” in all his glory!


Monday 3rd – Rayong Green Valley – Stableford – White tees.

1st – Nigel “Flapper” Flanagan (13) 39 points

2nd – Sugar Ray Handsford (18) 37 points

3rd – Mark Wood (7) 35 points

3rd – Ken Aihara (5) 35 points

5th – Adrian Deminski (26) 34 points

5th – Phil Smedley (7) 34 points


Back to our regular golfmonwedfri schedule again as we are getting over last week’s 4 days of golf. Lots of familiar faces (they didn’t like me saying “old faces”) returning back to our sleepy little fishing village this past week which can only mean it is starting to feel like high season. Let’s hope those heavy rains are coming to an end.


9 groups of Pattaya’s finest golfers (and 2 slaggers) went out today amidst the fine start to the inevitable afternoon rains. It was a good thing we all left town as the weather at the course was a heck of a lot better than back in Happytown.


Six men took to the podium today but none hit that elusive, magical 40 point mark. A lot of people were more than a bit surprised to see none other than The Flapper sitting on top! A big group of Siam members were slumming it with us today and it was Nigel Flanagan all on his lonesome with a big red 39 circled at the top of his card! C’mon man! I guess we have to congratulate his great play in spite of himself. Way to go Flappah!


Mark Venning, Ken Aihara & Bryan Carroll.


Wednesday 5th – Eastern Star – Stableford – White tees.

1st – Ken Aihara (5) 39 points

1st – Bryan Carroll (18) 39 points

3rd – Mark Venning (11) 34 points


All was good today at this Robert Trent Jones, Jr. golf course and our crew was satisfied with the condition of the course. They have a history here of problems with the fairways as it is close to the ocean and airbourne saltwater makes greenskeeping a challenge. It seems to be under control now so we can recommend playing here again.


Not everyone likes this course and it does have those hidden fingers of water that sneak into play. A good caddy here is essential if you have not played here before. There are some really great holes here and a good test even for the low handicappers.


It looks like our man Kenny Aihara is back in form. He had three podium appearances last week out of the four comps we played. He is building up a head of steam after not having hit a golf ball in 5 months! Our good mate Bryan Carroll also had a fine round and is still playing well after a great trip to Kabinburi a couple of weeks back. This duo shared the win today with 39 points each, so nice going guys!


Friday 7th – Mountain Shadow – Stableford – White tees 

1st – Ken Aihara (5) 35 points

1st – Gary Hookey (17) 35 points

3rd – Mark Wood (7) 33 points

3rd – Ken Grimes (19) 33 points

3rd – Ray Powell (15) 33 points


We played here last Friday and it was so nice we’re back again! One of the better tests of golf in the Pattaya area, Mountain Shadow has a reputation it certainly deserves. The greens here strike fear in every golfer as they are amongst the fastest around.


We had three for third with a thirty three, so it was an auspicious day, as they say here in Thailand. A notch up the leader board was our buddy Gary Hookey who we haven’t seen on the podium for awhile. Gary did very well indeed to tie with the man who is proving very hard to beat. Yes, it’s Kenny Aihara again to tie with Gary for the win and our best golfer this week. Way to go Kenny, it sure looks like you are back in form!


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