Siam Country Resort 28/4

Stan Rees at fire on Pattavia

On Tuesday 24th Aril we went to Mountain Shadow. It was a warm day and the sky looked threatening with thunder sometimes, but we kept it dry during our game. The course was in good condition, but we didn’t have very good results. The trees were big obstacles for us. At the end of the day became Stephen Ford the winner with 33 stable ford points. Second was Jonathan Pratt with 31 stable ford points.

The nears to the pin were for Paddy Devereux, Brian Chapman and Sam Gettinby.

Pattavia was our venue on Thursday 26th April. It was a warm half sunny day. We were afraid for the rain like Wednesday, but again we were lucky and kept it dry. The course was in very good condition. The greens were slow, but most of us could handle that. Today we had good scores. We had one superstar, Stan Rees. He became the winner with 43 stable ford points. Sam Gettinby played his last game before leaving for the European summer. He confirmed his good shape of the last weeks and became second with 41 stable ford points, beating Jonathan Pratt on the count back.

The nears to the pin were for Dave Smith, Stan Rees, Paddy Devereux and Sam Gettinby.




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