Result of PSC Monthly Tournament at Parichat on 15th Aug 2019



Parichat International Golf Links may not be every golfer’s cup of tea as it is a tricky test of golf for the individual and has one or two quirky holes but it is an excellent venue for a 4 person Texas scramble (Ambrose for the Aussies)!


A very satisfactory turnout for the time of year, given the low number of visitors, no doubt being affected by the depressed foreign exchange rates which are also changing the playing habits of many the farangs who live here. Whereas previously many were playing three times a week, there are an increasing number reducing the amount of golf they play or are looking for the less expensive courses.

The 31 players were welcomed at the clubhouse by Tim and Nigel for a first tee time of 9.10am. and apart from a slight scare when a six ball was lined up outside just before our scheduled start everything at check-in went smoothly enough; helped after a few words from Jack persuaded the starter to move them to the tenth tee.

The weather was ideal; sunny with some clouds but with a good breeze keeping the temperature very comfortable, paving the way for some very pleasant golfing conditions.

Jack, was on the first tee as usual, getting the first group away slightly early, with everyone away by about ten past ten. There were no delays and generally a good pace of play was seen throughout, most groups finishing in a little over four hours.

Jack met up with his old Outback partner Bob at The Billabong on the Darkside for the presentation, courtesy of owner Sandy; where it was great to see so many of the players come back to enjoy a couple beers, a few stories with good friends and some good food.

The prize giving went ahead shortly after 3.30pm, with Nigel doing the usual opening speech, thankyous and introductions before handing over to Jack, the PSC Golf Chairman for a few words about future events; which included a possible change of date and format at Eastern Star next month, full details to be made available shortly and reminders about the Soi Dao trip in October (7th – 9th), with the first closing date for your secured reservation being 7th September.


Nigel then announced the results with Vice President Tim Knight presenting the prizes, and Jack taking the photos.

The winning team, comprising of Gareth, Bob, Simon & Richard were probably the red hot favourites but after seeing them all miss the fairway on the first hole, there was some doubt but with a couple of eagles and a birdie on the last, they just squeezed home by 0.2 of a shot, with 55.5.

From the left:- Simon, Richard, Bob, Gareth with Tim (PSC VP)


Michael & Gerald, two of the second placed team; the other two Khalifa & Don having to drive back to Ban Chang.


Seen here is the third placed team of John Pierrel, Dick Warberg, Henry Wong and Brian Gabe.

Full Result



Gareth Gill, Bob Newell, Simon Philbrook & Richard Holt

55.5 (H’cap 4.5)



Gerald Sweetnam, Michael Anderson, Khalifa Nasser & Don Sinclair

55.7 (H’cap 6.3)



Dick Warberg, John Pierrel, Brian Gabe & Henry Wong

57.2 (H’cap 8.8)


Parichat has undergone some surprising changes since it was opened in 2014; and although the concept plan is not fully available, the work done to date under the relatively new management, has shown a distinct improvement to the course and facilities.

Priced sensibly with a PSC member card at 1400 Baht inclusive of everything Mon to Fri except holidays, it’s well worth another look for the sceptics and gets even better on a Mon & Weds Sport Day for everyone at just 1250 Baht.

About to be released is their newest promotion, play 5 times get your next game free, anytime of the week or weekends for just 600 Baht (caddie & tax) including cart!



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