Result of PSC Monthly Tournament at Eastern Star on 19th September 2019

Thursday 19th September Eastern Star

Today was the monthly PSC golf tournament – with a difference!
Originally scheduled for the 12th Sept, Jack received a message from an unrecognised number back at the beginning of August; later to discover it was from an old playing partner of his, Clive Robinson. He gave Jack the heads up that Dave Richardson was leaving Pattaya for good and suggested that The PSC might like to organize a “thank you” golf day. Clive agreed to put the word out but the event had to be moved back a week as a number of prospective players were in Hua Hin, including Clive. Hence the change of date.

It was special as it was an appreciation for Dave Richardson 25+ years of support for PSC and Jack remembers Dave well at the Kronberg when he first came here in the late 90’s and the PSC Office was right next door, when the regular mode of transport to the courses was a baht-bus, which was always a bit of an experience, especially when it rained.

For the third PSC tournament in row, everyone who signed up, turned up; so many congratulations to all our players for that. This time an excellent turnout of 40 players to be met as usual by Jack, the regular starter for the day, with Tim and Nigel taking charge of registration so efficiently under the watchful eye of the man himself, for on the reception desk was a photo of Dave.


Overnight there had been some heavy rain, so no carts were allowed on the course and clean, lift and place through the green were the added rules for the PSC 2BB event. We started 10 minutes ahead of schedule at about 10.30, under cool cloudy conditions which remained that way until about the last two groups, when a light drizzle started and a few claps of thunder were heard in the distance. The rain unfortunately got heavier as the rounds progressed, however, the lightning stayed away and everyone completed the course.

The Presentation was at Café Kromborg where Dave had run golf for 25 years. After all had arrived and relaxed it was time for the winner’s presentation.

Nigel called order and reminded everyone that this was Dave’s Day and he appreciated all who took part.

Nigel then introduced Golf Chairman Jack who outlined PSC future events, including the Club Championships at Burapha in January and although not a PSC event, The Poppy Day Tournament, a 2 Person Scramble at Bangpra on Thursday 31st Oct, full details to be released shortly.

It was a memorable day that even the rain could not dampen!


Back to Dave – Nigel introduced Peter Malhotra – President and Founding member of PSC who noted Dave’s major contribution to the success of PSC that was formed some 40 years ago. Peter then made a presentation of a memento marking PSC’s appreciation of his support for PSC. He then announced the current Elective Committee has awarded Dave Richardson an Honorary Membership.

Dave receives a plaque from PSC President, Peter Malhotra to thank him for
his 25 years contribution to golf in Pattaya

Dave with good friends:- Clive Robinson, Dick Warberg & Bernie Tuppin


Winners with 46pts – Mashi Kaneta & Patrick Poussier


Runners-Up with 44pts – Mick Beresford & Eddie Beilby


Third place on c/b with 43pts – Stan Rees & Paul Davis



RESULTS          Near Pins

up to 17                       17+

3          Martin Kempton          John Feeney
6          Martin Kempton          Tom Baigent
13        Jan Meuller                 Stuart Banks
17        Paddy Deveuex           Eddie Beilby


1st        Mashi Kaneta (16)       Patrick Poussler (25)   46pts
2nd       Eddie Beilby (18)         Mick Beresford (12)    44pts
3rd        Paul Davis (31)            Stan Rees (25)             43pts c/b
4th        Martin Kempton (11)  Dennis Steel (18)         43pts c/b





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