PSC updates members at annual general meeting

The newly elected Executive Committee with the Registered Committee: (Seated l-r) Willem Lasonder, Peter Malhotra, Noi Emmerson and Sopiin Tappajug. (Standing l-r) David Smith, Jack Moseley, Tim Knight, Nongyao and Geoff Couch, Supatra Montgomery, John Player and Jaroon Kasemsantithum.


The Pattaya Sports Club (PSC) held its Annual General Meeting at the Diana Garden Resort in Pattaya on Saturday, June 15. Of the 121 listed elective members of the association, 64 were present and 21 proxy votes were registered, making a total of 85 voting members.

PSC President Peter Malhotra opened the meeting and noted that it had been a year of changes and challenges. The club unfortunately had to say goodbye to long-serving PSC member and Club Secretary George Bennison due to ill health, but under the management of Ingkarat Chaimongkon, the PSC office staff still managed to keep all operations running smoothly and professionally.

The PSC golf section also saw a change when Sandy Mackay resigned as Golf Chairman halfway through his tenure. His position was taken over by Jack Moseley who worked very hard to put PSC organized golf events and promotions back on the sporting map, both in Pattaya and along the Eastern Seaboard.

In the absence of Vice President John Watson, also due to poor health, Paul Cornwell stepped in to look after the other PSC sporting activities, including cricket, darts and bowling. Under his stewardship, the PSC darts team proved to be very successful in tournaments as far afield as Pattaya, Bangkok and Chiang Mai.


Charity Chairwoman Noi Emmerson was also busy throughout the year, extending financial aid to neglected and underprivileged people in the province and advised that the club had donated more than 1 million baht to worthy causes in the previous 12 months.

During the year, the club experienced some glitches with its digital media system, especially the main website, however a professional team of IT consultants were hired to iron out the flaws and members were advised that everything now seems to be running as it should, along with a few improvements. The online monthly newsletter has also been updated and is now very informative and well received by the PSC members.

As well as helping out on the sporting front, Paul Cornwell organized a very successful Christmas party and a new Family Day event at Siam Country Resort, which saw PSC members and 100 underprivileged children from sponsored homes enjoy a BBQ and entertainment from Dr. Penguin.


PSC members elect the new Executive Committee for 2019.


The ratification of this year’s Executive Committee by the members went smoothly, with all the present incumbents being re-elected and Willem Lasonder, as Secretary, and Tim Knight as a Vice President, being brought onboard to fill two vacant positions. For the 2019/20 year, the Executive Committee will be as follows: Peter Malhotra (President), Tim Knight (Vice-President) and Dave Smith (P/R), Willem Lasonder (Secretary), John Player (Treasurer), Jack Moseley (Golf Chair), Noi Emmerson (Charity Chair), Paul Cornwell (Social Chair), David Smith (PR/Membership Chair), Geoffrey Couch (Registrar), Mike Johnstone (Founders Chair) and Bjarne Nielsen (Standing Chair).


The newly-re-elected PSC President closed the meeting by extending gratitude to long-time club servants Mike Johnstone, Nigel Canon and Geoffrey Couch. He also thanked the members of the Registered Committee and the Executive Committee including the staff, members and advisors of the Pattaya Sports Club Association for their invaluable support and contribution in furthering the interests of the club.




Report by: Pattaya Mail


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